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How to deal with tragedy like the Newtown, Connecticut shootings

Newtown Connecticut shooting Kids image

To say that this hurts and saddens me is an understatement, and I didn't lose anyone I know.
I can't begin to imagine what the parents are going through.

I know I'm not the only one who's hurting from this and has lots of questions about it.

My first question was "Why kids?"
Why kill anyone over anything, much more, harmless kids that couldn't have done anything to you?

The answer I got: Remember how close you've gotten to doing something regret-able when in sin.
The reason the shooter killed those kids and staff is because of sin.

Everybody needs Jesus, and without Jesus, anyone of us can do something as horrific as this or worse.
It is being labelled the worst shooting in the U.S.

For real. It hurts.

Here's some things you can do as you try and find comfort from this:

1. Pray / Talk to God: Ask Him for comfort. It's a tough spot to be in. Pray for the parents. Pray that if anyone of them is a brother/sister in Christ, that they find strength in God a midst the many questions they're having right now. My prayer is that God shelters them from any temptations and attacks on their faith.

2. Mourn: Don't try to hold the hurt in. Cry. Shed a tear. Comfort someone who's hurting from this (whether they were directly involved and lost someone or not). Be there for the people needing it.

3. Rest assured knowing that God has those kids in His palms: God loves those kids more than we know. You might be wondering why He let it happen? I don't know. But it's definitely not because He doesn't care or couldn't stop it.
I don't know God's reasons but I know that God has a better plan for all of us than this, and that He will be glorified in this. Have faith. It's not easy when we see tragedy like this, but God is using this to work on my heart, and yours too.

4. Pray for the other kids and adults that witnessed or heard the shootings: I can't imagine what I'd be feeling if I heard people dying, and I'm a grown man. Pray that God shelters the minds of the kids and the staff. Pray against trauma.

5. Get in the Bible: I don't know how this will help, but I know for certain it will because told me to add this in here. The Bible is God's word and is full of Life. Open it up and find comfort in the words of Christ.


If there's one thing this has shown me, it's this: I'm frail and weak, I'm human, I can die easily. My life is gift from God and shouldn't be taken for granted.

I want people to know Jesus. Only Jesus can save us from the evil that ruins men and women.

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