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Don't take stuff for granted!

Yesterday, I was talking with my roommate and then, all of a sudden almost out of nowhere, I was instantly [almost like I was in a dream] aware of how blessed I am. That makes no sense right? Yeah, let me explain:

The things you take for granted, someone is praying for. Be grateful. Live grateful.

Me and Kyle where talking about something then I remembered that I had to take a leak, then all of a sudden it felt like I was given a new pair of eyes and I saw everything like gold (figuratively of course). The basement suite that I live in and usually try to find something to complain about, now suddenly looked beautiful. 

I briefly thought about my life. And I was subtly emotional. 
Despite the things that I'm not pleased with in my life, the wrinkles God's still ironing out, my errors and mistakes, those sins that I commit every now and then, despite all the things I could list that  threaten to keep me down, I realized how amazingly blessed I am.

One blessing that strikes me the most is where I am today, in Canada. Not even seven(7) years back, I couldn't imagine what it looked or felt like to be in Canada. I dreamed and day-dreamed of what the people might look like, what the houses looked like, what the girls were like, what life would look like, etc, but many times it seemed to be merely just a dream. But I'm here today.

Another blessing, where I am musically. I take my gift with music for granted a lot and many times don't thank God for it as much as I should. What many people don't know is that I'm not one of those rappers/producers that started doing this when they were kids. I pretty much started to do music [with FL Studio, rap in public] a lot in 2007. It's gotta be a gift if my growth musically is that exponential.

I have an apartment with amazing rent. I have an awesome church. I'm healthy. I have an awesome family. ETC.

The point I'm trying to make is that we all have stuff around us to be grateful for. We see them, those people or things, everyday and eventually get so accustomed to them that we forget to be grateful for them. We take them for granted.

I don't think God takes them for granted. God knew we needed the things He's blessed us with.

So I urge you as a fellow human being who is many times ungrateful to say thank You or smile at God when you remember those many blessings. If you try hard (not even that hard), you'll find lots of stuff to be grateful for. 

Live grateful. 

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