Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kendrick Lamar vs. Eshon Burgundy :: Line 4 Line

Tonye Brown // 1:57 AM // ,
Field trackstarz - Line 4 Line - Kendrick vs. Eshon

This episode of line for line will get some people mad, others happy, and others simply won't care.
The good people (the fieldtrackstarz) put up one of the finest lyricist out right now (Kendrick Lamar) against someone who fans of Kendrick might have never heard of before, Eshon Burgundy. Get acquainted  with Eshon Burgundy.

Kendrick Lamar is hot with the flows and lyrics, Eshon Burgundy is as good (a bit better in my book), but to each their own right? Nope, I'll let you hear these two impressive artists side by side and judge who you think is better.

Kendrick Lamar vs. Eshon Burgundy // Line 4 Line

Impressed? Yes? No?



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