Friday, March 22, 2013

True Vine Productions - March Beat Catalogue (@truevined)

Tonye Brown // 6:53 PM //
Hello, hello hi,
I'm very pleased to showcase my new beat catalogue containing my newest work.

I've been working hard to make beats that I can honestly say is my best work and the work is paying off.
All glory to God for that.
In the catalogue below, you'll find beats ranging from hip-hop to pop, neo-soul to new-school and even a rock beat.

You can buy any beat below instantly and get the download link sent to you immediately. Contact me here, or on twitter(@truevined) with any questions or drop a comment below this post.

I look forward to working with you :]


True Vine Productions - March 2013 - Beat Catalogue

You can also listen to the all the beats in the March Catalogue via Soundcloud too.

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