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Let's get some things straight about God and the devil

My friend Blessing shared this on the Inner Circle and I thought it was worth sharing with anyone who comes around the bright side of the internet.

I really don't know how some 'Christians' come up with such poor doctrine!

Someone just said something like "For every one angel there is following us, there is a demon" What does that even mean???

It is either they are poorly taught or they don't know the God they claim to worship or both! God is more powerful than the devil. God assigns us angels and does NOT assign us demons. And no, the devil does not have enough demons to match the number of angels upon the earth and in the heavens.

I know the devil is evil but he is already DEFEATED! I don't know why people keep glorifying him and making such 'logical' (which are totally NOT even logical) statements.

At the end of the day, there will be more people in heaven than in hell, because the blood of Jesus is too precious for the devil to get more people than Jesus, so let's keep our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith, JESUS!!!

Whenever you feel like it, in the name of Jesus, tell the devil:

Get of my property, saddleback

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