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10 things I'm grateful for (today)

10 things I'm grateful for - picture

Hold that thought!
God woke me up early this morning to spend some time with Him and I loved it; I'm loving it.

The reading plan I decided to check out on YouVersion app ("Talking with God in prayer") said to write down ten thing I'm grateful for. I whipped out Evernote and started typing; and I as I was going to go with so cliche, stereotypical Christian answers, God told me to be real. Real I was.

Here's 10 things I'm grateful for today:

1. Music
2. My young adults group
3. Pretty girls
4. My laptop
5. Multimedia
6. My adv. web development class
7. Good food... chicken
8. Where I am in life... I see progress
9. My family & friends
10. My church.

At the end of the plan, it asked: 
If you were to thank God for all that He's blessed you with, how long would it take you?

Thank you for reading,

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