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Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Momma! ♥

I almost didn't want to post a mother's day facebook status message because it's cheesy facebook etiquette; but I decided not to let facebook culture prevent me from publicly expressing my love and appreciation for my mom, Faith Brown.

I could write for hours of how much she's sacrificed and given to her 4 children, but I'll save that for a song.

Happy Mother's Day to my awesome, kind, super creative, boss of a mother. 20+ years of wise words clearly God-given! The little ones and I are grateful and thankful for all you've sacrificed and given to us. #godlyWoman #AfricanMom #goodCook #stillFunny #wiseWords #SmartMoms #poet #writer #loveHer

Yeah, my mom is real smart; I'm thankful for a Godly mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome mothers out there!

Happy Mother's Day - flowers

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