Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Soundtrack beat posted. No samples. Dawn Of Justice (Soundamentalists)

dawn of justice superman vs batman beat soundtrack

Picture this:
Superman is about to knock Batman's face into the ground, but way before that, as Superman flies to meet Batman at the location of their duel, this beat plays. Superman hovers and allows Batman to spew some nonsense, then allows Batman to try and hit him with his toys, then right as the drum starts (at around 0:28 seconds in the beat below), Superman sends Batman to la-la land. Batman wakes up later asking his butler, "What happened? Did I defeat Superman?".

I've got a slight obsession with movie soundtracks, and my love for trap music, and hip-hop resulted in the direction this took.

I should mention that this beat is a collaboration with my homie, Tha Gate Keepa.

Dawn of Justice (**SOLD**) 

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