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Segregation in public schools isn't just a problem in the south

I just came across this video showing how far the US has come in terms of segregation in schools.
You'd think it's an issue only in the south, but it's all over the US.

In summary, what the video shows is this:
1. Segregation is almost as bad as it was right after the Supreme Court ended it decades ago.
2. Segregation in the schooling system is not just an issue in the South.
3. Segregation results in poorer communities (black and latino) having inferior education and richer communities (white) having better education.
4. This results in a cycle having the schooling system (teachers, etc.) and society (cops, etc.) training and releasing individuals who have not interacted extensively with non-whites (no diversity).

Random fact: The state with the most segregation in schools is New York. Don't worry, I am kinda shocked too.

Here's the video for more details:
U.S. Schools Still Segregated
Nowhere are the effects of racism more obvious than in America's public schools. Here's how we're slipping back toward segregation:
Posted by AJ+ on Monday, August 10, 2015

Does this video shock or surprise you?

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Segregation in the US schooling system - black lives matter

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