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How to do push-ups and pull-ups correctly (video example)

I see so many guys (and girls) who are in great shape consistently do push-ups and pull-ups incorrectly. Basically sacrificing quality for quantity. How is it that so many people perform basic movements so wrongly? Very simple answer, they never learned how, and their friends are usually not brave enough to call them out.

I'll call you out if your form is wrong, and I expect the same from people I train with.

Let the rant begin.

How to do a push-up and pull-up correctly

The most common errors when doing the push-up

1. Partial range of motion; hello there masters of half-reps.
2. Flailing elbows; not just bad, but messing your joints up too.
3. Not keeping the body straight while pushing up and coming down
4. Dropping down without control, hence, not working the chest on the way down

How to do a push-up and pull-up correctly

The most common errors when doing the pull-up:

1. Half reps. If your chin does not cross the bar, you're playing.
2. Favouring one-arm over the other, hence body not going up straight.
3. Moving too much (kipping, etc.)
4. Not controlling your pull-up descent; killing your joints and wasting reps.

Now we know what the bad is, how do you perform a proper pull-up and push-up? Here's how:
1. Always perform your movements using full-range of motion.
2. Control the decentric part of whatever movement you're making.
3. Be conscious of your hand and elbow position to prevent favouring one side.
4. Breathe properly (in most cases, you breathe out as you're pulling, pushing, etc. and out when descending).

Here's a short video that shows everything I mentioned and more.

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