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Your Operating System is you

I love Linux OS and all others, but the only legit operating system, a system that you will leave daily and will leave your system daily feeling brand new and running at its best is... Jesus. Yes. I'm a software engineer in the making, but the system (that needs to be guided) I'm talking about here is you, your life and future.

The Operating system (the Kingdom OS), can be defined as a set of rules and procedures (or programs) which function together to result in you (your life, etc), functioning at it's very best.

You might get side-tracked sometimes by the obviously guaranteed (not trying to scare you) attacks by malware, that's why you need regular security updates and patches from the Bible and other spiritual books.

If you don't update your Operating system (you) regularly, you risk getting infected with malware.
Also, get an all-rounded defense system which MUST include an anti-virus (Shield of faith - Ephesians 6:16-18).


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