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A blogger-fast is a break taken from blogging intentionally or not.

It may be because of stuff that I'm fighting through or maybe I get swamped with work or maybe my body finally decides to force me to sleep all the time because 3 hours of sleep per day for a week is not so good? (Who would have guessed :P )

Anyways, I hope to take as few of these fasts as possible... but if I do, hopefully, the years worth of God inspired posts can keep you busy for a while.

During these fasts, I usually am trying to "Get back on track", live more holy, and read my Bible and pray hard. #GottaBeAGoodSteward

Pray for me. Pray for Lecrae. Pray for all God's ministers. We do the same for you guys. We need God's grace to remain faithful on the front-line ;). Thanks fam :D.

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