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Rehab - LeCrae's new album coming soon

   The album has already been released.
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This September, on the 28th, ReachRecords Recording Artist Lecrae will be releasing his fourth album entitled REHAB.

Humanity has searched long and hard for answers to our ills, pains, and unsatisfying lives. While we were created emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy,  sin has caused us turn away from God and  separated us from Him and His goodness. We need restoration, healing, and rehabilitation back to that original state of unity with God. Jesus is our rehabilitation. The Christian life is an entrance into Rehab.

Here's the Official album cover gotten from Reach Records:

I can't wait.

Support LeCrae and Christian rap by putting a REHAB badge on your twitter profile (the yellow thing on the album cover).

Here is was mine:


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