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Will you die?

This is a very real and serious question.
Are you willing and ready to die for Christ if what is mentioned in the Bible is to happen this very moment... 2 Timothy 3:12. Persecution can indeed lead to death... #justsaying
(One second... need to repent before I continue)

I really needed to repent because, sometimes, I feel like "Bring it... I'm ready, I shall not be afraid to proclaim Christ and lose my life on earth..."... today however was different. I sinned and let my flesh do its thing for a while... till I saw this video. It is by Mark J featuring Reach Records artist, Sho Baraka.
I could try and describe the video for you, but I won't. Watch it for yourself and see why it convicted me instantly... well, sort of.
Also, make sure you are born again and have Christ in your heart. It's a must to live this life in peace and real joy and happiness. See this link. Get Christ.

Grace and peace.
Sho Baraka and Mark J - Tumbling Down video
(Sho Baraka and Mark J - Tumbling Down)

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