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Lecrae's Rehab symbol is not 666 - It's all about Jesus

Lecrae Rehab album artwork with yellow symbol >> Image
The most popular post on True Vine Productions as I'm writing this post is the post titled "Lecrae explains the meaning of the Rehab album symbol"(Read it here).

I have never believed that the 3 yellow R's revolving represent 666. I believe Lecrae is a man of God... concerned about the gospel being spread.

Some people in my earlier post believe that Lecrae is not a man of God... and these allegations can cause doubt... doubt in the authenticity of Lecrae's ministry. Even I was getting a little bit uneasy (which is funny because Lecrae is like a big brother to me in many ways)... the devil is trying to get people to lose their belief in the honest and faith of a minister. Of course. Which big minister out there isn't always under attack. 

Anyways, you need to watch the interview with Lecrae and Trip Lee below from Steelroots... They do it all for God and God's glory... btw, thanks Blessing for sharing this on facebook for me to see.

I urge and encourage all of you my brothers and sisters not to bring another brother's ministry down, do not shoot your body in the foot and ask why we're not moving fast enough.
Do I know 100% if Lecrae is doing it for God, NO. Only God knows that. No man on earth can see the heart, therefore no man knows 100% Lecrae's heart except revealed to him/her by God.
God will not let His name be put to shame.

The explanation of the symbol on the Rehab album cover

Need some more clarity... check the articles under Bible terms. Growth is necessary for you to walk and live in that place of grace and joy in God through faith in Christ Jesus.

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