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Listen to God
Father God I'm calling. Thank You Jesus Christ for praying for me and loving me, your commitment to Your Bride it amazes me, but makes me see that I can't hold the grudges still if I claim to be still and know when You're here, there's is the Kingdom, those that are persecuted so I am ashamed that some don't know You're my Guide, some don't know that I serve You and yet I'm claiming "I'm God's tool"... fool!
You say that God doesn't exist yet when things don't go your way, you yell "God why me?"... um... you say that you serve nothing yet when facing death you cry "God save and help me".
You are not helping yourself or someone else by throwing words around
Don't you know that what you say in secret will come back to you like a boomerang, Mustang, you got power so you trust in it, you think you're soo big, let me tell you what you are,
Dust that will blow away, scarlet that would fade away, a lost soul in a desert trying to fight the sand in it's home
Earth is not our home, we only live cos God says so, and by God I mean Yeshua not allah or budha.
See the difference, not only with respect to Grammar
Yeshua is capitalized while others are left as they are
Small and so negligible cos they died without knowing Who
Came to take their place as sin so they can worship Beautiful
It's my duty to, speak and write what He tells me to
I got up took a shower and this came through
And I had to write it and not think through
I won't edit it I'll live it raw
By the way, who can dare say, God does not speak today?
His voice is very clear, though it may be soft
It speaks through my heart, can you hear a heart's thump
Exactly, only if you listen closely can you hear the Savior whispering
And I hope and I pray that this message is His and does it's ministering to you.

Thank You God.

Copyright© 2011
Tonye Bezalel Brown (under the inspiration of Yeshua)

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