Saturday, March 19, 2011

Please Support Christian Musicians and their Ministry

Tonye Brown // 9:37 PM //
Kirk Franklin's 2011 new album - Hello Fear - Download (Pre-order) it on Itunes
I recently looked at the traffic stats that just sky-rocketed in the last couple of days for True Vine Productions.
I'm glad because the traffic can lead people to other articles that can be of influence a lot around this blog... but I'm worried because it seems that the believers who I believe are my main audience are not doing right.
Let me explain.

The header image for this blog post is for one day(03/19/2011)... and the google search queries (one of my traffic sources) shows that some of the top search queries leading here are "Kirk Franklin hello fear mediafire" and "Kirk Franklin hello fear megaupload" among others.

I'm not happy at all at this occurrence. Why?
Number one, the album is not out yet, all this hype can motivate illegal uploaders who get paid for their illegal uploaded files, based on traffic to upload Kirk Franklin's album when it is released.
Number two, I believe must of the people searching for Kirk Franklin's new album "Hello Fear" are Christians, more than likely believers... "Thou shall not steal".

Please Children of God, let us support another Solider on the front lines, a brother spreading the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Buy Hello Fear on Itunes. Don't download it from any file-sharing websites (torrents, etc). 

Much love to you guys, my family.



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