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I hate you (crack) - Thi'sl - Music Video

Mark 8:36
What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?
(Caution: Video contains drug content... great video still though)

Thi'sl's new music video for his song, I hate you (Crack), shows and gets on this very well.
He focuses on drugs a lot and very well addresses that subject but this addresses many other subjects, be it a good job, the best grades, a good salary, etc, it is nothing if what you're doing doesn't bring God glory.

The answer to true joy and happiness can't be found in anything the world has to offer... maybe I'm rambling... but watch the video and you'll see the picture. God bless this brother... He's going all out and allowing himself to be used by God to reach his community, let's pray for soldiers like this on the front line.

Thi'sl - I hate you (crack) - Music Video

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