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The Almighty - Praise Him

Praising God is a requirement for every and any believer.
Because God deserves it.
That's the food God eats.
That's one of the few things we can give to God... not to pay God back for the greatest amazing gift He gave us (Jesus, His Son) but to show our gratitude for His free but not cheap, gift of salvation.

God deserves praise either in good times or in times that seem bad.

Here's something for you, to listen to as you praise God
The music will give you joy as His pruning will make you bud
Don't get bored though, true love is more than being buds
You gotta stay through it all, even in situations that seem odd
Don't applaud it though, but look on it, from it grow
Look on it, from it believe that seeds for success will sow
Don't blow your second chance, third one or fourth
I'm reminding myself not to spit on the gift He brought
I ought, to live in complete total adoration, submission
But I don't, my excuses won't repay remission
But I try not to pry on sin, but rely on Him
As I walk the narrow, I refuse to focus on sin
Whatever is true, noble and right, mind fixed on
Philippians 4 verse 8, I fight the lukewarm
But I don't dwell on my power I look to God's son
I rely on Him plus He don't way a ton

All burdens down He commanded so I obey like
A runner taking of my bag to take a hike
My life is His and His is mine like we're a couple
we are, the bride, I'm part of her, temple

But what is the purpose to this rhyming if I don't relay
That accepting Christ right now is vital, please don't delay
Allow the Ray a.k.a Jehovah not Jay But yay, 
Christ Jesus prayed, accepted my debt to pay

Listen to your conscience if you're saved, it's the Spirit
Discipline is necessary for growth ask the maker

Listen to your heart if you're saved (saved)
You're Sanctified not depraved (praved)
Worship God, thank Him, you're saved
Praise be to God, He revealed Himself and payed

If you're wondering, is there any hope for me
Stop wondering, there is, all you need is believe
All you need is confess, that Jesus died and rose
Paid the price for sin, now He's in Heaven with God

Soli Deo Gloria
Copyright, 2011, Tonye Brown

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