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When the going gets tough, the tough get praising

When the going gets tough, the tough get praising

I'm just reminding myself of something a wise man once said.
When things get bad, or rather, seem bad even though they aren't, rejoice and be glad, praise God.

My grades might be bad, rejoice, it could be worse, you're alive, the devil wanted you dead, all he got was your grades. God protected you.
My spiritual life may seem dry, rejoice, thank God, the devil wanted your soul and all he could do was try to deceive you into believing wrong, and distracted you. God protected you.
I'm in debt!!!! Rejoice, the devil, our enemy, the destroyer, wanted everything you have, and all that he could get was your finances. God protected you.

It only lasts for a while... for a moment, but joy comes in the morning...  
God will never let us get tempted beyond what we can bear, He loves us too much to do that. Whatever trial we face only makes us stronger and strengthens our faith in God.

I can see the Light at the end of this dark and weary tunnel.
A Man with arms open is standing there, at the end of the tunnel waiting for me to come.
But something is holding me down... my cares and worries... even self pity... but ENOUGH!
I'm dropping them down.
I'm running to Him.
The Light gets brighter as I approach Him.
No fears, no worries, no sorrow, full Spiritual, physical and emotional restoration.

I am well in my Savior's arms.
He is for me, who can be against me.

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