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To everyone who has been affected by Tornadoes

To anyone and everyone who has been affected by tornadoes directly or indirectly: 

Lost your homes, clothes and things I take for granted
Your joy through it all will heal your heart, plea granted
This trial, sucked away your stuff, like a magnet
Your faith in God, it comforts me like a blanket
I feel for you, look to you, and see Life
Probably couldn't go through it, me, I'd be in strife
With God, but you're not, you see God
You tell me "God wouldn't let us go through it, if we couldn't survive"
Truth you speak, so it sets you free
The enemy cannot take your joy, only jewelry
Your Spiritual maturity it shows for all the world to see
That even in pain, you spread the Joy of Christ for all to see

Lost your son, lost your home, lost your loving spouse

But in it and through it, you're building God's house
You're cleaning your blouse, with the blood of the Savior
I pray to God that your loss will help you show good behavior

I'm grateful for the grace that God gave to you all
Helping one another, forgetting yourself, no appall
No pride or envy, coming together as one
Showing the world what Heaven is like, no segregation, all one.

In Heaven, there's no pain, no hurt, no loss
Putting your neighbor first in love, Love is
God and He lives inside you
Love is shown, from the Light reflecting from inside you

You're fine, beautiful, in and out
Everything will be replaced, in this life or in Christ
God bless you, I love you, I'm proud you're in my family
I pray some day to share God's presence with you, saying Thank You.

Copyright 2011 - Tonye Brown


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