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Steady or Unworthy

Hmmm... maybe I'm ready 'cause, when I'm unsteady I, lean on Him like a teddy so I'm steadily moving it's certain that His grace is why,
I shine like a polished apple 'cause Daddy is the vine tender, He cleans me up so when I'm in a pile, I reflect Him Try,
Is all that you can do as long as you remain in tune never forgetting that He's true and that His standards we can't comply
Unworthy we are but You Are what You Will Be, and my flesh hates the renewed me so I'm dead 'cause You live in me
No more identity, I've been erased but not like the movie, I'm not afraid of getting killed, No more of me so You can reign as King
Through me, or rather through He who lives in the vessel You created
I do not own this body, I'm nobody without His body
Now somebody because Christ is, I'm saved so I partake in His body
Without me doing that, we would be separated, be alienated, but just me not He Who knows all.
In Him, I cannot fall
With Him, no acts that apall
Through Him I speak and people concur
That this wisdom is from above.

Steadily I walk, Lean on Him as I work
Total complete reliance, in Him I find my worth
Looking to the future, though there be trials, I have memories
God has done to much for me to let this trial bother me
God deserves the glory and the praise even in tragedy
He owes no man anything, He gives from love to all humanity


Copyright 2011 - Tonye Brown

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