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Vancouver Canucks lose, Lebron James loses; How far is too far?

Idols: Sports seems to be number one with most people
I'm not going to even beat about the bush with this one. What I am talking about is something we're all guilty of.
First, Lebron James. Miami Heat lost to the Mavs and everyone is all over Lebron. Some say he deserves it, maybe he does, but you and I deserve death; I don't see Jesus teasing and yapping our ears out over our many faults. Maybe, just maybe, God is using this loss to humble Lebron James and pull him to Him.

Sports has so much become an idol to so many of us that our passion is being transformed to "hate" on people in the teams we look up to and vice versa.

Another example, the Vancouver Canucks did not win the NHL. Sad, but really, I got over it fast. Die hard fans, well, they went on a riot burning cars and getting folks injured (not trying to look down on them or anything). Idolizing the trophy? Definitely. Idols (anything that tries to take the place of God in our lives) is the only thing that influences humans to do evil... and it influenced fans of the Canucks to get themselves in all sorts of mess... some are definitely getting prosecuted and worse.

Are idols worth it?
No. Why? God does not approve. Exodus 20:23 - Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold. Also look up 1 John 5:21.

For many, sports is an idol. For others, it's facebook. Me? Mine is technology (which God is pruning in His way). Find your idol, know your idol, eliminate it and things will get better. Yes, note to self.

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