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Why Anthony Weiner fell

I'm not going to narrate or recall the entire story of Anthony Weiner and how he fell... And I'm not planning on cashing in on another human's demise like our beautiful world does (that's why God gave me this article to write weeks after Anthony Weiner's life is out of the spotlight... a bit at least). I'm going to give you a godly perspective on the reason for Anthony Weiner's rise and fall.

Did Anthony Weiner deserve to fall?
Yes, and no. 
-Yes, because nobody is worthy, nobody is good, we all have sinned and falling short of God's glory, but some of us are now Saved by God's grace.
-No, out of love and empathy (from both a human and godly perspective). The media made a scapegoat out of him and I honestly felt bad for Weiner.

Why did Anthony Weiner fall?
It's simple. Anything not built on God cannot last or stand forever (or a long period of time). Anthony Weiner was clearly a smart intelligent man (well spoken even, on his way to becoming the governor of New York before having to step down), but his status was built on his wisdom not on God's Word and wisdom... so when the enemy came with a flood of temptation, Weiner's sand house fell. Look up Matthew 7:26-27
The devil attacked him and down he went.

How did he fall?
Temptation and going with it. Without being rooted deeply in Christ, what happened to Anthony Weiner can happen to anybody. Even believers will tell you how hard it is to live holy, but it is achievable because we do not rely on our power but on God's power, love and grace. Our house is made out of Rock/Stone; even tsunami's can't take us down.

So, in summary, I believe why Anthony Weiner fell was because he depended and trusted in himself and not in God. Man will always disappoint. Remember Jeremiah 17:5 - Cursed is the man who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from God.

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