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3 Reasons why they left the Church

So, my friend started this discussion on a group on Facebook asking:
Why do children leave the church, or desire to leave the church? Why is it that most children, especially when they are teenagers, go to church only because their parents make them go? What is missing? I would like to know your thoughts on these...
There were good answers offered; I decided to participate and then later decided to share my response here:

My comment (revised a bit)
1. Biggest reason for people leaving the Church is lukewarmness In My Opinion of course. Lack of fellowship with God can lead to someone forgetting what it is like to be in God`s presence.

2a. Another reason some people stop going to church; people that I have talked to, IMO, is this: I believe are not really saved. They go to church services, youth groups, etc, but they never really accepted Christ as Lord as Savior into their heart and life... so they don`t see the need to go to church
2b. Others in this same category use the excuse of Christians being fake and hypocrites as an excuse to stop going to Church too. Keyword being excuse. Nobody is perfect!!! We are all striving and pressing to remain holy and pure in the sight of God. We all mess up sometimes. Excuse discredited lol.

3. Also, people leave the church or stop going to church because of bad friends, bad relationships with a bf or gf, basically, to be socially acceptable with peers they shouldn`t even be friends with.

Sometimes, someone might need to force their kid to go to church, it is part of parental discipline, but if it is a constant thing, the parents need to pray more for their child`s faith (and relationship with God) to grow, or for the salvation for their child.

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