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4 Important Christian Cliche's

So I promised God to upload this yesterday, but I didn't (and the Bible says it's better not to promise God anything, than to promise and not keep it - Ecclesiastes 5:5), please God, forgive me and give me grace to obey You and Your Word more. Thank You.
First, a definition: cli·ché/klēˈSHā/Noun1. A phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

1. Hating sin: "I hate sin", "I hate my flesh", etc; all statements we're all familiar with. Hating sin is so common and said a lot that it can be seen as a cliche. It is not. It is something we should not be ashamed to say. Yeah... I'll stop there :)

2. Lifting hands up in Church: Remember that post, Worshiping God is much more than lifting your hands up? Yeah, this is not a continuation, but maybe a reminder. Lifting your hands up while worshiping and praising God in a Church service is important and good. However, some people do it for reasons of theirs; some in faith, others otherwise. It is not a cliche however. It is important and can show our reverence to God.

3. Being on fire for God: Something so important but often looked down on. Believers, even me, sometimes might wonder and believe that someone is on fire for God and maybe look up to the person, then when we notice that the person is not perfect and consider it a typical cliche. It is notBeing on fire for God is important. So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth - Revelations 3:16. BE HOT!!! Rooaaawwwwrr ;)

4. Saying God bless you: ...or some words similar. This is a regular occurrence in many Christian Church communities. It is done so often that it becomes sort of a trade mark, something people just say like "God bless you" without really meaning it from the heart, therefore becoming a cliche saying.  
Why is this important? Saying words like "God bless you", "God loves you", "It will be well with you" are not just good for someone emotionally, but spiritually. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, so I believe it makes sense to speak life to each other... don't you?

5. I was going to put a fifth one... but God didn't give me one. Oh well, it's still a good day.

What am I saying?
None of these cliche's are really cliche's.... they are things that we believers do with the right heart and attitude towards God, others do out of duty (but in Faith) in the hope that some day their hearts will meet their actions, and finally others do with no faith and with no respect for God. These cliche's are important.
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