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The Best Bible Study Resource

I am a huge fan and user of or
But the great news and amazing surprise came today. I went to to look up some references for my latest post and "Wah-lah!!!", a whole new look and a more modern looking website.
I was ecstatic about that; very very. Look at the screenshot below and click on it to go to

My favorite new feature on the website: 
The real-time display of search results. That's right, so now, if you remember just a part of a Bible verse, you can search for that part and see all the Bible verse that match... AWESOME!!!!

What else is on
A lot more. Even I haven't used all these resources to their extent, I haven't checked them all out even lol... but I love that they exist.
Bible Study Features: Atlas, Bible, Concordance, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Devotions, Commentary, Mobile, Library and Newsletter.
Original Language tools: Interlinear, Lexicon, GNT concord, Strong's, and Multilingual.
Reference Materials: Apocrypha, Measures, Ref. Bible, Thesaurus and Visuals.
Gospel resources:  Interwoven, Par gospels and the Life of Jesus.
Bible Study Resources: Story lists, Chronological, People, Places and Topics.

Whew!!! That's a lot, I know. But I believe, in faith, that someone who considers this to be important will see this and be happy too, lol. 
And do share it, or like it, or something it, with someone too. new and updated look

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