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The Best Bible App for your iPhone, Droid or handheld

If you're a believer and have an above average phone, better yet a Droid powered beast or an iPhone, you must have a Bible in it... and maybe you do already. If you don't however, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!! lol,

 kidding about being ashamed of yourself part. The YouVersion Bible app is the best in my opinion.
Brief Testimony: The first, or one of the first apps that I got when I got my Droid baby was this Bible app, I can't imagine not having a Bible on my phone... if you're a Christian who's on your phone a lot, a power user of all things portable, you should feel the same way. Ok. Enough with the babbling and rambling.

YouVersion Bible app
It is available for almost any device out there: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile (Windows Phone), Blackberry, Palm, Java, Symbian and there's also an online mobile version for all other phones.

Why is it the best to me
The features that have me loving this app on my droid, and in general are these:
- There's an Audio Bible available for most of the popular versions of the Bible (my favorite being NIV).
- There are a lot of Bible reading plans and devotions to help you read your Bible daily available too. Score!!!
- You can make bookmarks and notes for Bible verses easily, and it syncs automatically to your online account.
- Finally, you can share Bible verses that you want easily on facebook and twitter... awesome feature.

The easiest way to go get this Bible App is to visit from your phone (or device) to get the best version for it. - You Version Bible App

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