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Doug poem

Tell me something Francine, am I in any way like Doug
Got a passion for music, write in a journal; On this blog
I am an animation on a TV series called life
The producer is God, this sitcom is real-life
Mine won't get cancelled like it says on IMDB
Mine will last long, till He calls and says "Hold on, I'm coming quickly"

Sincerely though, Jim Jenkins did a good job on it
Whether or not he's Christian, grace played a part in it
If the Creator create us in something that is like 7D
I guess it's not impossible for us to draw in 3D
or 2D, as long as we do it well, like do it for Him
And not for the reward like I'll give if You give back to me
But for the pleasure, God I will give because it feels good to me
And for Your Kingdom, like God take, use me so You come quickly

Doug, Roger, Patricia and Porkchop
Four characters that sound cool, like a bass drop
I'll be honest, these four I doubt I ever heard off
But Google has got them trending like a new style kicked-off

The lyrics are improving by grace, they just keep coming
I can't say it's mine, the Word is the source, I've been relearning
Comprehending, hearing it over to gain wisdom
The right application of knowledge like Floppy's to CD-Roms

Wow, I'm blowing myself away as this thing plays on
If God can do this for me, why can't He fix your situation (He can and will)
God saves, man delays like a plane in a storm
Jesus is the only Way to be righteous, other ways are dum dum diddy dumb

Copyright 2011, Tonye Bezalel Brown. Solo Christo + Soli Deo Gloria

Doug Cartoon from the 90's - IMAGE SOURCE

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