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Free Christian Rap beat, Move when God says move and a promo

Yeah, whatever that title means, all there is to it is this: When God says move (or do something), do it immediately (2 John 1:6). God rewards obedience, and disobedience.

I'm working on Our mixtape, I created this beat (Introduction - Needs None) for the intro; I love the beat, so I wrote lyrics to it, but I didn't feel led to use it for myself, then God told me to give it away for free. I've held back long enough (as usual)... (please forgive me Father), so here it is.

It is a short beat, meant to be used as a short intro for something. It's real clean sounding, so thank God and enjoy it.

Introduction - Needs None by Bezalel

The same day I decide I'm giving away this beat, God gave me two more hot ones, but for sale ;)
$50 each.

1. I'm an Ex - (**insert sin here**)

2. Needing Love - New beat

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God bless you... I mean it.

True Vine Productions

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