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The Dark Knight Rises

Here's my take on the new Batman movie, "The Dark knight Rises":

Dark Knight Rises trends on Google maybe even on Twitter
It's building hype like a force that could destroy, forest fire
It's supposed to be big, directed by Christopher Nolan
But stick around, watch me dissect Batman, like Conan
Not the Barbarian though, the one who's a long man
If I said Batman looks like a demon would it matter
Two horns, shiny eyes, all black, hard heart
He could be possessed, if he were real, he'd be apart
From the King like a traitor because he thinks he's bold, got paper
Building toys, catching bad guys but losing his parents eats him up like Cancer

Batman needs Jesus, he's human. Superman too, but that's for a different freestyle
Or writestyle,  It's taking me a while but I'm going, I got work tomorrow morning
I should be in bed sleeping but I'm speaking what He's leading, I think
I'm trying to get attention not for me but to feed them
Not meat but heat to keep them anti-lukewarm, so He doesn't spit them

Ok, I kinda wet overboard, back to the man in a costume thinking he saves because He's in tune
With the work he put to be in tune

I'm no hater of batman but to believers I'll yell Caution!!!!
Almost anything the world accepts smiling can cause a major distraction

Batman may be harmless but I don't think he is
I'll urge you all to be careful avoid Hollywood's disease
A movie is okay, maybe stick to comedies
A merry heart Proverbs says is good like Medicine

I'm yet to find a Bible verse that glorifies the action movies that even I like
So no hate if I say, I'll boycott Batman.

That's it.
Thank You God.
Wrote it on the spot in a couple of minutes, by grace.
Zero edits. I will look the grammar over later.
Now. Bedtime. Good night/Goood morning.
God bless you and keep you/us all. Amen.

Copyright 2011, Tonye Bezalel Brown

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