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Joe Justiz - Love Divine #WaitingThemeSong

What better way to come back from my Blogger-fast than to post a song that motivates me to want to grow more spiritually, emotionally and financially for my future wife.

In the words of @joejustiz "Lord do I seek my wife now? He said 'Not right now seek Me first my child. I'll give you all your desires, trust in My Word. The plans I have, you haven't seen or heard. Just be patient My son I have moulding to do. And your wife is in My hands, I'm moulding her too."

This joint is my waiting theme song lol. God is moulding me and He's moulding my [future] wife too. AWESOME!!!
I urge you to do this with me (guy or girl): Study your Bible more, grow spiritually, emotionally and be prepared financially..., you will be the leader of your family (or the first-lady ;) ).

Do not waste your life or your singleness that you are blessed with now. Get prepared, draw close to God and He will draw close to you. Love God and put Him first and He will do the same for you.

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