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Why do you remain thirsty after you've had a drink - Wild at Heart

"If this [sin and other worldly desires] is what you are truly thirsty for, then why do you remain thirsty after you've had a drink?" Wild at Heart
That statement is so true.
And it hits my heart and gives me a good dosage of: "You're a believer, you say you hate sin, but entertained sin; Now you feel guilty and thirsty after not heeding the Spirit's counsel".

If we hate sin so much, why is it so difficult to listen when we are told by the Holy Spirit to avoid something that will make us grieve in the end? The answer is quite easy and simple. We have not been spending enough time with God. Lack of fellowship with God makes obeying His voice difficult

I decided to design a simple minimalist wallpaper for that statement.... and... that didn't work... lol. Get your 3D glasses on and enjoy the wallpaper.
Feel free to drop any other quotations from Wild at Heart that stuck with you in the comments. I'll kick it off ;)

IMAGE SIZE: 2.67 MB - DIMENSIONS: 2500 x 1700 Right click to save it to your computer.
Terms of Use: Must glorify God, clearly. Thanks.

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