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180 Movie - Eye-opening pro-life documentary

Update: As of today (October 10, 2011), this video has over 700, 000 views in about two weeks of being released and is trending amazingly well on youtube, all glory to God. Help share the 180 movie's message by sharing it with everyone you know. It's worth it and is being used to change lives. It's another tool to spread the gospel.

There are very few documentaries that I've seen that showed the state of our world and education system. 180 Movie does this and much more.
There's a lot that I could say, but the most important things that happened in this documentary include:
- Pro-choice individuals changed their minds and became prolife
- And best of all, the gospel was preached.

Please watch and share this documentary with everyone you know. Everyone needs to see it.
Also visit to see what else you can do to spread this important message.

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180 Movie - Eye-opening prolife documentary

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