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I'm Coming Back

Most importantly, a message that you really need is this: Jesus is coming back soon to take all His servants back to Heaven with Him. Are you ready? The only way to Heaven is Jesus; Church going, being 'good', being humble, giving to the poor; all these works cannot save you. Ask Jesus to save you today. Very important to do so. I urge and plead with you to do so, not for my sake, but for your soul. Eternity is real. Heaven and hell are real. God answers everyone who calls on Him.

All of my newer beats that I am inspired by God to make have a story.
I think of a name for all my beats and God leads on the sound from there. Usually, I get a clear vision on the title, but this one was different; it was after I was done making the beat an uploading it to Soundcloud that the meaning of the title that God gave me came.
Hopefully someone read that ^^^ lol

Anyways, another True Vine Production titled "I AM Coming Back".
Terms of use: Pretty basic - All beats that I give out are for only believers honoring and glorifying God with their music only. No cursing or swearing over my beats. If you are on fire for God, take all my beats and spread the gospel with no restrictions at all. If you go platinum, praise the Lord. I'm God's tool.

I'm Coming Back by Bezalel

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