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Rap Video about Abortion - Fight For the Children

Abortion is a touchy subject for many people. Many usually take a neutral stance on it usually because (I believe) they don't want to offend anyone. Yeah, if you're one of those people, please make your stance clear (and in line with the Bible). Murder is murder regardless of the reason for the murder. Now replace murder with sin, killing, etc.

Anyways, that important stuff being said, I'll proceed to introduce you rap lovers (and those who love good music and art in general) to check Christcentric's official music video for Fight For The Children. Very very good video. Enjoy... and if need be, allow the Holy Spirit to work on your heart concerning abortion (if you support it for some reason).

Anyone mad at me yet? lol
I don't mean to rub it in your face if you support abortion, but if you do, can you justify your view in any way at all with the Bible? No. Do not let politics and what seems to be the norm in certain circles make you promote and advocate for what God is against.

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