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Is life worth living?

Is Life worth living, you may ask yourself
I mean, this pain you feel, only thing worse is death
Taking your life seems like the only option, but it's no solution
How do you expect to have it get better when you end it right before the problem's solution

You take your life now, you never get to experience
The peace that comes after, and the freedom to your conscience
You may have done wrong or may have been wronged
Either or, never doubt that your life is worth nothing

Your life is worth something, Life gave you life
He considered you something, why take it and treat it like trash
Or like a sickened animal that farmers put down
Even if you're sick, you've got a Healer who never lets down

Open up your heart, and hear His voice calling
He's watching over you, that's why your suffering's end is coming
Be it in this life or the next, never stop trusting
He's hurting that you hurt too, and that's a lot of hurting

But this is not to convince, I'm nudging; waking up your spirit
I'm reminding it of what the Lord already put inside it
God made you good, like it or not, whether you see it now or not
When God sees you, He sees His child, whether you're lost or not

So please accept Him, cry to Him and He will answer
Take His hand right now, not after a slumber
Sleep may seem wise and fine, but Love's the best answer
And His love isn't the type, that leaves and hurts after

You know I'm speaking truth, that's why you wanna believe it
If something's telling you I'm lying, please ignore it
Please scream Jesus, and feel the power from Him
His name has power to chase the monsters talking and those living in silence

You may have started wrong, but know your end is fly
Fly and righteous but only if you take His hand
Accept the Lord in your heart and live knowing in your mind
I am worth something, Life is worth living because of Jesus.


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