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September 11 poem

I feel like it's a stunt but I'll do it, maybe some will gain from it:

Ten years later, the scars remain still, they still feel
Some of the wounds that are sore, praise God they'll heal
The lives that were lost, how could a human being kill
One of his kind in the name of something that is not real

But real is hate, the author is the devil
Full his plate will be when the end comes to his evil
Inspiring millions to hate a country God built for His people
How dare a created being go against He Whom none can belittle

Flight 93, crashed and burned as it landed fast and abruptly
Though the feeling towards them remains, we know God put the end to suffering
Some are now in paradise, gladly praising and happy with God
But sad to say that some are in hell, they didn't know God

The truth hurts, don't hate, but try your best to relate it
Don't let the opportunity pass without giving them a chance to repent
How lovely it will be to God to see you use your pain and loss
To navigate the lost back home to Him without being forced

A tribute can only do so much, our thoughts about them will some day fade
But I urge all and everybody who was hurt to trust in He who never fades
He sticks closer than a brother or sister and He is fulfilling
He will satisfy you and give you peace with regard to the broken feeling
Jesus died for you, loves you and longs to end your sorrow
Don't pass His offer up, say yes Lord Jesus, now, and not tomorrow

All rights reserved, God via Tonye Bezalel Brown

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