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ForeRunnaz (Jahaziel, E Tizz and Tru2DaName ) - Need it Daily Remix

This remix goes hard hard hard.
They all went in crazy. United Kingdom?!?!? Those rappers there are gifted to say the least.
Jahaziel... I love the dude. E Tizz, I love too ever since I watched that video featuring his wife :D :D... and Tru2DaName, I didn't know him till today, but he did awesome.

Check their facebook fan page out and like it -
Tedashii (and PRo) would be proud I must say, this song could very well be the original.... but don't get me wrong, T-Dot and PRo did ridiculously good too on the original.
Check the original version of Need It Daily below:

Forerunnaz - Need It Daily Remix

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