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Should Christian rappers battle-rap?

I thought this would be a good topic to address after reading an article on about a brother (I believe) in Christ who is a battle rapper. The link is attached at the end of this article.
My biggest issue with this rapper's view on Battle rap is one statement he made.

The Interviewer asked the rapper about his thoughts on Christian rappers who when battle-rapping uplift, bless and do not insult instead of dissing their opponents. 
This rapper, who is supposed to be a Christian called it the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard.
He called an act of spreading the gospel, being a light, etc ridiculous. 
Now if you sir (Playdough) read this article and still feel the same way, I would advice you to get in your Bible, spend time with God and pray a lot. After that, you won't call it ridiculous.
I am not a battle-rapper, but if I was a battle-rapper, I'd do the same thing. It takes way more creativity to come up with a way to bless and be a light as a battle-rapper than it is to insult smartly... you know that apparently.
Another unrelated point, I don't think you should be vulgar at all as a Christian or Christian rapper. You're a role model bro. You're not perfect, neither am I, but I don't curse. The standard is Jesus, not the people around us. Jesus never cursed, be like Him. 

I'm done preaching.

The Answer?
To answer the question, ask yourself some very important questions:
- Does it glorify God?
- Does you being a battle rapper glorify God?
- Do your words (metaphors, disses/compliments, thoughts) doing the rap-battle glorify God?

If your answer to any of the questions above is NO, then you shouldn't battle-rap as a Christian rapper.

If God wants you to be a battle-rapper, He alone (not you trying or faking it) will change your heart and you then can glorify Him by being a battle-rapper.

Here's the link to the interview with Playdough:

Anyways, all that being said, Playdough is brother in Christ, and hopefully, whether or not he makes an error (like any human being can), hopefully, any new ears that get interested will check his music out and hear the gospel. 

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