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 Jesus Loves You.
How about a bigger smile?... :D

God has blessed me with a joyful spirit.
God revealed to me something some years back via Matthew 6:34 to the end. Don't worry.

If you have no worries, and trust in God completely, I do not expect you to go around the world (your home, work, school, etc) looking gloomy and burdened.

You've got Jesus. You have a Champion who is undefeated and cannot be defeated.
So smile :D
Be joyful, don't let the devil get you discouraged... a joyful heart is good medicine not just for your spirit but for your body; People have been sick, but after being joyful for a while discover that God's promise of a joyful heart being good medicine is true, and are healed completely.... and I mean in this generation. God still heals.

Smile, don't worry, if you're tempted, call on Jesus, your Champion and watch those demons and the devil flee.
God is with us, nothing can stand against us. God is for us, who can be against us. 
It's true, so have faith in your God, Yeshua. Be happy. SMILE :D
Plus, I believe Jesus smiled a lot too... so be a copycat lol... but I'm serious though.

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