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This Aint Love - Bizzle, Lavoisier and Sevin

Wow. I'm impressed by God big time. I wanna say that I should know by now that God is amazing, but I think it would be disrespectful to our amazing Creator to think that I can predict Him.
What am I saying: In the Christian rap ministry (and many others that I am not aware of), God is definitely and clearly our Captain.
Why and how do I know? Look at the great improvement and quality, the excellence and the growing audience; I'm telling you the truth, God is doing it all and really wants to see people come to salvation and He is using lots and lots of outlets to get the gospel of Jesus out. Christian rap is one of them. All glory to God.
The end of the world is very close. The temptations are here, God is helping us to stand and depend on Him completely. I hope and pray that you are doing something for God's Kingdom.
Gone are those days of subliminals (not that they are not important anymore), but we should live our lives and preach the gospel like your family member's life depends on it, like someone you love's life depends on it.
I am not saying be anxious, I am saying do something. The devil knows that he has little time left, so he is pushing his lies and deception out with more intensity.
But what can it do? Nothing to us God's children. We are covered, 100%. God is watching over us; over you. Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ; Have no fear.

And the first idea behind this blog post, the beautiful new video from Bizzle "This Aint Love" featuring Lavoisier and Sevin. The message is God saturated. The video is 100% professional by any standard.
It addresses love, and to me (and to other males out there), it also addresses manhood in a unique way.
I'm excited. God is at work. The mighty God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and me, is at work. :D

Bizzle - This Aint Love - ft Lavoisier and Sevin

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