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Behind the scene on Lorie Branden + Patience

Behind the scene on Lorie Branden:

So I am up early in the morning on my bed with my computer (it's 5:25am as of now) and I haven't slept; I have a lot on my mind.
So I decided to visit and take a look at what's new there and I came across this inspiring statement:
[...] Silence does not mean a lack of action.... My life is not on hold. Change is constant. Certainly, things are getting better [...]

Think about it. It makes so much sense.
God has been singing this beautiful song of Him working in my ears for a while... but I guess I don't want to be patient ("Grant me patience Father, Amen").

I know God is working, and maybe I'm ungrateful (for everything else that God has blessed me with), but yeah, when the prayer is answered (and I heard a voice telling me it's close and already is), I'll tell you guys that read my posts all about it.

God is faithful. God is yet to fail me.
I will be patient. I am patient (speaking by/in faith).

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