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Two Doors - Can you see the future? I can.

Imagine yourself standing in front of two doors: One labelled Life, the other labelled death. What if you had to choose between those two doors? Now imagine yourself having almost everything you've ever dreamed of and maybe you're like mid-to-late thirties; basically have a whole lot of years (if God permits) in front of you.

I can't imagine you choosing the death door over the life door.

In case you did not know what I was talking about, I'm talking about temptation.

Can you see the future? You can. I can. We all know what that door labelled death has to offer. It may not be physical death immediately, but spiritual death.

Why does temptation seem so enticing?

Why does it seem like when faced with an obvious decision between the two doors, the door leading to death seems enticing although we can see the ugly future it brings?

Why does it seem to be a fight even when we believers are not living in sin, that sin seems to be like a magnet drawing us closer?

Thank God for sending Jesus first of all to kill that metal (sin) that the devil (magnet) loves to see in action....


Okay, you know what? Long story short, all that I want to say is this:

Temptation looks good but it isn't worth it. And believe me, I know God is happy when we resist sin.

I sometimes feel bad after being tempted even though I did not sin... I don't know why, but it happens, and I feel good afterwards after thinking of the grace that God gave me to resist the sin.

Yeah, I was tempted today, and yeah, it was one of those ones that I could easily just tag along with, fit in and go with the flow.... but I didn't, thank God.

Was it a test from God? Probably. Did I pass? I hope I did.

But whatever it is, I'm glad that God gave me the grace to stand.

Do not neglect such a great gift and opportunity to serve God for a moment of worldly pleasure. It's not worth it.

So, consider this a testimony. You have yours already, or will soon have yours (your testimony), so stay strong.

Here's some advice to all my Christian brothers (and maybe sisters) from what I do:

I keep my distance from those girls who could be a temptation to me and not use the excuse of me wanting to be a light to get me in any sort of mess. I'm not saying that I'm not friends with girls and guys who are not saved, but whether saved or not, I do not let myself get in situations that could end up dirty (you know what I mean).

The devil will tempt you, guaranteed. He does so usually when there's something from God around the corner, no matter how big or small because that evil little serpent is a thief.

Okay, this post was longer than I thought it'll be, so I'll stop writing. I always say that I could go on. I mean it... and I'm still writing, so I'll stop. I hope I made some sense... or encouraged someone somehow. Right now, I wanna go play Pro Evolution Soccer... so....... yeah.

Be a light, but be wise. The devil is trying to turn you off. No fears though, we don't stand on our own or give ourselves light or life. God, our Source is for us. The devil is not big enough to do anything to us. FACT

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