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For those of you interested, this video explains

What Christianity is within two minutes
And for those of you who already are Christians, this is a refreshing reminder.

What is Christianity? A Visual Explanation
Christianity simply is believing in Jesus, the One and only Saviour of humanity.

But what does humanity need saving from?
Sin, suffering and death.

Without Jesus, every man and woman, born in sin, will go to hell. 

The message of Jesus Christ is the gospel, also known as the good news.

Get a Bible and start reading to discover for yourself who Jesus is.
I'll recommend you start from Matthew and keep on reading from there.
Also, a church is necessary and important for you to grow as a Christian... fellowship is not to be neglected as commanded by God.
God has called you to Himself and will save you, but only if you agree to submit totally to Him?
Will you?

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