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Rants and raves

Rants and raves got me feeling depraved
I might be the first to use this platform without rage
I'd rather engage the Spirit than to rely on this Age
My life is worth living 'cause with God, I engage
Regularly through prayer so my life is now gauged
But it's always in my favour despite my past grades
Bad grades I had but Jesus cleaned my page
I now act like Him, my face-off like Nick. Cage

The old me died so consider my stage-
Of reasoning the beginning of what can change our Age
I could rant, could rave, could express anger and rage
But I've got Jesus so, I'm good, I'm free, not caged
I'm changed, I'm paid for, my life is written on the pages
Of the Book of Life, yessir, I'm engaged

I'm part of the Bride who's waiting on her Spouse
Who's coming back to take the Church back to His House.

- Inspired by God, I'm grateful that I can say, I've got nothing to rant about
- It's by God's grace and through Jesus that my Life looks so bright. Thank You Jesus.

I was led by God to do this and posted it on Craigslist. I thought, since there's freedom to post anything about anything under the Craigslist rants and raves section, I decided to witness to people angry and hurting the way I know how.
Who's with me?
If God tells you to do the same, go for it too... let's not limit spreading the gospel and limit where and how God can reach a lost soul.

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