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Looking down on sinners - Judging vs Loving

God inspired via Romans 2:
God used this chapter in Romans to change my mindset on God's children [who are not saved yet] and my relationships with them.
I can admit that I have many times, intentionally or unintentionally, by my actions, words or behaviour, looked down on unsaved people
That is wrong. Very few believers can say they haven't done so before. #NotAnExcuse ;)

Imagine God looking at you and shaking His head and thinking "I wouldn't do something like that..." or something along those lines, or Jesus, when He came to earth looking at us who need salvation as people so inferior to Him that He didn't share the gospel? Where would we be? Saved? I doubt it.

The only difference between any believer and an unbeliever (a person not serving Jesus) is this: We have been saved by grace and through this amazing grace serve God, and can resist sin; We have Jesus Christ, and they don't. Jesus is the only difference. And don't think for a second that God doesn't love them just as much as He loves you either, God does.
Remember: While we were still sinners, Jesus Christ died for us (and people not saved); that is true love.

So, please join me and many other brothers and sisters to change our mindset, to renew our minds from a view not from God. We are to hate sin not sinners. God is patient, just as He was with you and me until we became His servants, so wait on God as He does the work in lives of the unsaved.

Read Romans 1 and 2, you'll learn a lot. I'm going to go back to refresh my mind, then continue writing. After a quick scan, Romans 2 alone can be used to breed so many blog posts, it's loaded that much. 

The first verse (Romans 2:1): whatever time you judge the other, you are condemning yourself because you do the same things.
If you are being honest with yourself, that verse is so true and applicable to all of us believers.

That being said, how would you go about loving someone who sins while hating their sin?

The answer: 
How does God keep on loving us, while He hates our sin? Simple. Jesus.
God sees Jesus when He sees us. And before we had Jesus, God loved us enough to give us salvation through someone preaching the gospel to us, be it written, vocally or some other form.

Don't hate. Preach, love and let your actions point to Christ (not always easy, I know).
Don't hate the sinner. Preach of the good news of Jesus Christ that erases sin.
Don't hate the sinner. Love the sinner but hate the sin.

I was going to post this somewhere else, but why not share it I believe God told me.
My first Bible study at my new awesome church was from God. It challenged me, and got me pumped to fight sin more and be more like Christ. Two days later, I wrote and recorded this song. Pray it blesses you. It's called No Fears.

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