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How do I go viral

how do I go viral
Why's this mind wanting the spirals 
that can lead to pitfalls, sit tall, 'cause I feel Paul
Sometimes I feel like I'm the worst of sinners 'cause I did fall
History replays in my head, some I wish I couldn't remember
But I'm sheltered, God remembers none of them, so it's self torture
And not forgiving myself, is a sin, it goes against the scripture

Look into the sky, Splendour shows, who am I
To think that since God blessed me, I should act like I?
I should act like Jesus, the only son of Yeshua
Because the more I act like Him, the more my life runs smoother
Not saying that my action is what keeps God closer
I'm telling of the grace He gave me so I'm a good servant

I've recently been spending time with God, it's not a prison
The more I live with Him, the more life has reason
The more I spend in His Word, the more I keep on breathing
Clear and fresh 'cause His word, it keeps away diseases
And though it seemed to have left, another reason for believing
And spending time with God, is that it gives me grace to be a model student

I'm loving to study now, facebook, my blog, soundcloud come after
I'm wanting to play Trackmania, but self control is His answer
And maybe I'll play some today, but none till the early hours
I need to get to bed early, so I can study, let my grades show the world the Ruler
Over everything is God, be it math, web design or Java
I'd say my name here, but no, Jesus is the only Name worth keeping in your Medulla Oblongata 

Copyright 2011, Tonye Brown. All Rights reserved.

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