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Are we ready for the groom

Are we really ready for the groom?

Ask yourself these questions:1. Am I in love with the groom?
2. Am I cheating on the groom?
3. Is my heart one with the groom?
4. If the groom came now, would He catch me in sin?

As we (the bride) wait for the Groom to return with joy and anticipation, with our baggage awaiting sanctification, let us not forget or turn our heads away from the prize. Let us not ignore or look down on God's grace that He has given us. Without God's grace [gotten through faith in Christ Jesus], our attempts to fight sin [and live in purity as part of His bride] are futile.

The video below really resounded and hit home with me (thanks to a friend on facebook).

One final thing, always ask God for help when you're in sin or doing something you know is not right in His eyes. God always answers our cry for help and in His mercy delivers us. I know; I'm speaking from an experience that God got me out of like half an hour ago.

God wants to save us and clean us up from our mess. The question is, are we interested? I urge you accept His call.

The video I was talking about:

Are we ready for the groom

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