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We don't leave our wallets & purses with strangers

... We must be careful in whose care we place our kids.

Do you get it though?
Maybe if I put it together instead?
"We don't leave our wallets & purses with strangers; we must be careful in whose care we place our kids."

It makes so much sense.

Think about this?Almost nobody will leave their wallet or purse with their debit cards, credit cards and drivers license inside with a stranger [that they might have hired as a nanny]. Think about that.

But we are fine leaving our kids with someone who we know nothing about but for a few references and paperwork that could all be fake.

Isn't that amazing? It amazes me.

I am not trying to take you on a guilt-trip lol. I just want to encourage you to be wise, led by the Holy Spirit and maybe do more to ensure that your child isn't with a total stranger while you and your spouse are on a date or something.

I believe [and sincerely hope] that every parent out there considers their child worth infinitely more than some plastic cards used to access paper, both of which are perfectly replaceable.

Don't leave your prized possession [that you have been put in charge of while on earth] with a total stranger.

Pray next time before you hire a Nanny or babysitter.


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